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Platform Overview & Decks

Partner Directory

Get Started

The Quick Start Guide

Make a Creator or Brand Account

Roster Account Setup

Add Your Roster

Edit Your Profile Page

Invite Your Team

SMS International Support

Expert Level

Import Fan’s Emails and Phone Numbers

Switch from an SMS platform

Launch a custom voicemail campaign

Enable SMS Opt-In at Shopify Checkout

APIs and Integrations

Everything you need to know about phone number registration

Get the Mobile App

Instagram DMs For Sports Teams

Pricing Info

Laylo Pricing

Messaging Credits

Message Segments

Engage your fans

Creating a Drop

Creating a Multidrop

Set Up Instagram DM's

Shopify Integration

Message Your Fanbase

Laylo + Presave

Custom Phone Number

Pixels & Advertising

Paid Social Ads

Share Drop & Profile

Get fans from Instagram and TikTok

Embed on your website

Multidrop Embed

Multidrop Embed (legacy)

Link In Bio Integrations

QR Codes

Case Studies

Drop a song / album

Drop tickets

Drop merch

Drop in Web 3

Drop content & livestreams to build community

Dropping on Instagram

Drop a giveaway

Sports Use Cases

Embed & API - Sound.xyz

Drop Blueprints

Drop Blueprint: Tour

Drop Blueprint: Merch

Drop Blueprint: Sports

Drop Blueprint: Giveaways

Drop Blueprint: Teasers + Early Access

Drop Blueprint: Music

Drop Blueprint: Festivals