Our Mission: Laylo is building the Drop CRM

We believe that creators and brands are constantly announcing and dropping new content, merch and tickets without a way to streamline great drop experiences. We're here to give them the CRM, messaging, landing page and tracking tools to deliver perfect drops to fans.

We’re also one of the fastest growing platforms in the creator ecosystem, working with names like Sam Smith, Hello Sunshine and Airrack.

If you’re excited for this future and want to help us get there sooner, get in touch!

📈 Open roles

Full Stack Engineer

Sports Account Executive

Account Manager at Laylo

Funding and Product

We’ve raised $8m led by Eldridge, Y Combinator, Sony, Third Prime, Moment Ventures and more —

See our Seed Expansion announcement: Tubefilter, Music Ally and MBW

See our Seed announcement: MBW Article and our newswire.