PND leaked his number on social media and posted it around SXSW to get fans to opt-in via text or call.

Fan Voicemails & Texts

<aside> ☎️ PARTYNEXTDOOR enabled Laylo’s custom voicemail system which allowed fans to call his phone number and leave a voicemail.



<aside> 🎀 When fans called him they also received prompt to let Party know where he should go on his next tour.

They left voicemails showing him love and asking for new music.

Fans could also text the number to engage with the prompts and leave a response.


<aside> ☎️ Party shared voicemails and texts from lucky fans on his IG story. This inspired even more of his IG followers to text and call him, leading to more data capture. Listen to some of the voicemails below! πŸ‘‡


Laylo Call PND (4).mp3

Laylo Call PND (9).mp3

Laylo Call PND (5).mp3


<aside> πŸ“€ Leading up to the album drop, Party gave his Laylo fans early access to snippets and several singles from P.




<aside> πŸ“€ He also invited them to pre order merch and pre ordering vinyl and different packages.

When the album dropped he notified these fans first so that they could run the streams up.


Tour Drop

<aside> πŸ“€ The following week, Party announced a nationwide tour.


pnd tour.jpeg